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Lexington, KY

May 29

Giant's Causeway

Mining My Own






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Adoptable Horses Description

Would you love to own your own connection to Kentucky Derby history? Thirtysevenliveson is a half brother to 2009 Kentucky Derby winner Mine that Bird! He is also a half brother to the late Multiple Grade 1 Stakes winner Dullahan. In Thoroughbreds, they are only considered to be “siblings” if they share the same dam, as she will only produce one foal per year and a stallion may produce hundreds. These three boys are all sons of the unraced 2001 mare named Mining My Own.

While his brothers had the need for speed, “Dino” clearly missed that memo. He is completely even keel and requires a good bit of leg to keep going. When he is going forward, he has a big comfortable stride and a canter that is nice to sit. Dino has been thoroughly unfazed with any of the distractions so far on our farm, including giant event tents, 600 visitors in the barn, and he goes well with different riders. Dino has some wear and tear on his ankles from his athletic days but he has not required any maintenance on them to this this point. He does have laryngeal hemiplegia, which means one of the flaps in his throat that opens or closes to protect his airway is lazy or not fully functioning. This just means he has a few lifestyle needs like always being fed with hay on the ground and grain in a ground feed pan. Under saddle, he coughs sporadically but actually gets better as he goes. He would be best suited for a home that just loves to trail ride and ride for fun. We let him tell us how much work we are going to do that day and try to avoid really dusty conditions. He is built nicely to be comfortable going western as well. He is a solid ride for an intermediate rider!

On the ground, he is friendly and loves to be fussed over. He has pretty good feet and was even missing a shoe when we did his video. He loves to get rowdy in the field with his buddy. When he is with middle of he road geldings, he is alpha. He is currently with a gelding who has taken over as his boss. He doesnt mind at all and they play for about 10 min every day when turned out and then every morning they play halter tag while waiting to come in for breakfast. He is suitable for living outside with the exception of extreme cold as long as he is getting privacy to eat plenty of grain. One of his long legs must be hollow because he eats like a teenage boy!