Do You Have an Ex-Racehorse That Needs a Good Home?

Many Thoroughbreds ex-racehorses destined for slaughter are rescued by individuals outside of rescue/retirement organizations. Some individuals have purchased retired racehorses at auction, others have stepped in to help in the case of local humane services seizures.

When these individual find that they are unable to keep their ex-racehorse for any reason, finding a good home for their horse may present a challenge.  Often, when seeking assistance from local rescue organizations they may be turned away because the organization is at the maximum number of horses they can handle, or are concentrating their efforts on high-risk horse rescue situations.

Among the goals at Thoroughbred Adoption Network are to help these individuals connect with not only prospective horse owners, but also with organizations that may be in a position to help. If you have an OTTB that needs a good home, you may advertise at no cost on this website. All we ask at this time is that the horse is a registered and tattooed Thoroughbred, and that you provide good images and descriptions of your horse. If your horse can be classified as performance horse, we ask that you pay a small fee to help us cover our expenses.

Our ultimate goal is shared by most who visit this site, that each and every ex-racehorse finds a place where they will receive care. We hope that we can help the many organizations and individuals that are front line in this pursuit.