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Northampton, PA, USA

May 9

A.P. Warrior

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Boomer is a very laid back, easy going, and friendly TB. He gets along with everyone has a very playful and willing personality. He was restarted in October 2018 as a hunter after his last race in September 2018. He has proven to be VERY level-headed with no  “silly” behaviors. No rear, bolt, spook. Loads, clips and ties with no fuss and stands (sleeps) for the farrier. He was restarted very easily and carries himself more like a quarter horse. He collects nicely on the bit without any fuss but prefers to move out long and low.

He recently demonstrated some soundness concerns and has been x-rayed in April 2020 on the front feet and legs. His right foot shows a prior founder from his racing career with a slight rotation and prominent laminitis. This foot is prone to accessing, but a good prognosis of recovery with correct rehabilitation. His right P1 shows a non-displaced fracture with some arthritic boney growth, likely maintainable with routine injections or supplements, but does not present any heat or pain. It does however limit flexion. His left foot indicates a very subtle possibility of a Keratoma. The P1 and Keratoma have not presented soundness issues but may require attention at some point.

Boomer’s career as a hunter show horse is sadly over for him and I because I cannot physically keep up with the maintenance for rehabilitation. With the right care and maintenance, he DOES have a chance at being an incredibly safe and reliable light riding horse, low level field hunter, or trail horse. He is kid safe for light riding and low jumps but gets his confidence from consistent rides by an intermediate-experienced rider. Without addressing these issues, he could serve as a happy, easy-keeping pasture pet (who will literally do tricks for cookies). He gives hugs, bows, and can even touch his nose to his back foot if you ask. He is a big puppy dog with so much love to give to anyone who offers it to him.

Boomer is looking for someone who will either give him a chance for recovery and a long, happy life or simply someone who will keep him as a companion and love on him for however long he is comfortable.

These photos are all from the past year. X-rays and additional records available upon request. Contract for adoption will require that he is never sold to auction and if necessary, retired to a reputable retirement farm.


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