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Woodinville, WA

Feb 1




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Adoptable Horses Description

Aubrey is not sound enough to be ridden, but she’s a very sweet and affectionate mare who would make a lovely companion horse. She is currently shares her foster home with another mare from SAFE and the two gals are close friends.

She has a sweet disposition and loves people. She can get excited at times, but for the most part she’s a pretty calm horse. She is quite the character, flapping her lips to make noise, and nickers for grain and treats. Aubrey likes her buddies and is not as confident on her own. She does best in an open field turnout with another horse.

Aubrey might not be a perfect horse, but she could be perfect for the right home. Will you give her the forever home she deserves? By adopting a SAFE companion horse, you not only provide a loving forever home for a rescue horse, you also open up a spot at SAFE for another horse in desperate need. Companion horses like Aubrey many not be suitable for riding, but they have plenty of love and friendship to give. You can also teach them tricks, liberty work, or therapy work or you could participate with them in NAWD’s 6 feet on the ground program. Aubrey is ready for a home to call her own where she will make someone a wonderful friend and companion. Read more about Aubrey at

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